Headed to the mainland...

Welcome to the Honeysuckle Oyster Farm website!  HOF is excited to be on the web and hopes that the new site can answer some questions about HOF's aquaculture process and also enrich your oyster enjoyment.

Huge thanks to Ben and Lainey at Bluerock Design for all of their great insight and work! (Check them out at www.bluerockdesignco.com)


Today, Honeysuckle Oyster Farm harvested and packed up 2,000 oysters (in new boxes!) destined for someone's plate off-island.  It is our first shipment to the mainland and we are excited that HOF Oysters get to do some traveling.  HOF hopes that they are enjoyed wherever they end up!  Let us know if you find them on a menu.

A special thanks to Jack and Sue of Sweet Neck Farm for all of their help and support!